Occupational Health Card

Occupational Health Card

As of 2023, Dubai Municipality has mandated that individuals employed within the salon, beauty, and spa industries must possess a valid Occupational Health certificate/card. This requirement applies to all staff members operating within these sectors within Dubai. Compliance with this regulation ensures adherence to occupational health standards and promotes the well-being of workers and patrons alike.

What is an Occupational Health certificate/card?

An Occupational Health certificate/card is a document that certifies an individual’s compliance with health and safety standards relevant to their profession.

Why is it mandatory to have an Occupational Health certificate/card?

The requirement aims to ensure the safety and well-being of both employees and clients within the beauty and wellness industry by ensuring that workers are knowledgeable about and adhere to relevant health and safety practices.

What happens if I don't have a valid Occupational Health certificate/card?

Failure to possess a valid Occupational Health certificate/card may result in penalties or fines, and individuals may be prohibited from working within the beauty and wellness sector until they obtain the required certification.

Is there a renewal process for the Occupational Health certificate/card?

Renewal requirements may vary, but typically individuals need to undergo periodic re-certification or refresher training to ensure ongoing compliance with health and safety standards.