Free zone license

Business Set up in Dubai Freezone

A Free zone is a geographical region or jurisdiction which is allowed to conduct a predefined trading activity or set of activities in the UAE. Business set up in Dubai Freezone requires a license and the Freezone licenses in Dubai and UAE are issued based on the particular business activity of the company.

The Dubai Freezone Licenses are issued based on the particular business activity of the company. Certain new free zone regions are under construction and therefore the total number of the free zone would rise in the coming years.

Free Zone Authority (FZA) is the governing body in charge of the activities related to a Free Zone company like license issuance and operation. The Commercial laws governing the UAE mainland companies are not applicable to the Free zone companies. One of the greatest benefits of business set up in Dubai Freezone is that foreign investors can enjoy 100% ownership. Apart from complete ownership benefits, monetary benefits like complete tax exemptions, 100% repatriation benefits, absence of foreign exchange restrictions are the added benefits of Dubai freezone company formation.

When your company is approved for the Freezone business, it is given any of the Dubai Freezone licenses such as Trade License, Industrial License, Service License, or National Industrial License by the Free Zone Authority. These freezone licenses in Dubai/UAE can be renewed annually as long as the lease agreement is in force.

You are supposed to select your desired free zone jurisdiction based on the type of business. Your business activity should match the category of the preferred Free zone. Even though offshore companies share some of the benefits of Freezone companies in Dubai, they are not identical.