Investor Visa

Investor Visa

The role played by investors is pivotal in transforming ideas into reality, particularly in the realm of business ventures. While a brilliant idea may hold the potential to change lives, its execution often hinges on securing the necessary funds. Without adequate financial backing, even the most innovative concepts remain confined to the realm of imagination. This holds true regardless of the scale or nature of the enterprise.

Although various funding avenues exist, investor funds stand out for their significance in catalyzing business initiatives. However, despite the allure of investor capital, some entrepreneurs harbor reservations about potential compromises to their autonomy and vision. Yet, it’s essential to recognize the manifold benefits that investor funding can bring.

In regions like Dubai, attracting foreign investors is a cornerstone of economic growth. With its robust business landscape and promising opportunities, Dubai entices entrepreneurs worldwide. Acquiring a Dubai investor visa not only facilitates entry and residence but also empowers individuals to engage in lucrative business ventures. Docwin, a prominent business consultancy in the UAE, specializes in facilitating visa services for both individuals and corporations, including the coveted Dubai investor visa. Delve deeper to uncover the intricacies of the application process and unlock your pathway to entrepreneurial success.

Why you should invest in Dubai, UAE?

There are multiple reasons why you should invest in Dubai. And some of the reasons are very evident. The geographical location and the connectivity offer Dubai a clear-cut advantage. The peculiar geographical location makes it easily accessible from Africa, Europe and Asia. The immaculate infrastructure, world class-connectivity, well-equipped airports and seaports make Dubai one of the most sought-after investment destinations. And Dubai is not just a business hub. It’s a traveller’s paradise too. Dubai has got into the 2018 “Top 10 World’s most visited cities” defeating renowned travel destinations like New York, Amsterdam and Las Vegas.

The stringent laws and their efficient execution restrict the crime rates which makes the city safe to live. The investor remains confident about the security of his valuable possessions or assets. UAE is considered one of the safest countries not only in the middle east but in the world. UAE secured the 11 th rank in the “Ease of Doing Business 2019” ranking. The UAE enjoys political stability since its formation and the credit goes to the visionary leadership. Another worth-mentioning aspect that attracts investors in large numbers to Dubai, UAE is the investor-friendly taxation policy. Income tax exemptions, complete repatriation benefits, 100% foreign ownership benefits, the recent launch of Investor’s residency visa for an extended period have a huge influence on the investors and entrepreneurs all over the world.

A brief insight into Investor Visa

A Dubai investor visa is issued for expatriate investors to promote foreign investments in the Emirates. The investor visa legalizes the whole process of expatriate investor’s entry to the UAE, residence, implementing the business endeavours, and finally leaving the country. The investor visa enables the investor to carry out various business endeavours in the UAE.

The Ministry of UAE issues the investor visa for a period of 3 years. The UAE consulate stamping on the visa is mandatory. For example, let us consider Dubai Investor visa. The foreign investor who needs to apply for the Dubai Investor visa is required to deposit a fixed amount that includes the Dubai visa fees. In this case, the deposit amount is AED 10,000. When the visa approaches the expiry, the investor is supposed to renew the same to enjoy the benefits in the future.

For some reason, if the investor could not attain the estimated Return on Investment, the investor is entitled to cancel the particular visa.

Advantages of attaining an Investor visa

The benefits of attaining an investor visa in Dubai, UAE are many and they are listed below.

  • The investor visa holder is exempted of corporate taxes
  • In the UAE, the investors are supposed to open a corporate bank account. The investor visa holders can accomplish the bank account opening formalities without difficulty.
  • The investor visa holders can enjoy complete profit and repatriation benefits.
  • The duration of holding investor visa can be extended.
  • The investor visa holder is entitled to conducting recruitment globally.
  • The visa holder can easily acquire the Emirates ID and Residence visa.
  • The investor need not produce a placement offer from a business establishment based in the UAE.
Documents needed for issuing an Investor visa

Several documents are needed for issuing an Investor visa. Separate documentation is required for issuing the Entry visa, conducting a medical examination and for visa stamping.